Night guards are custom-made for patients who grind or clench their teeth in their sleep. The wearing of a night guard significantly reduces the wearing down of enamel, reduces inflammation of jaw muscles and tension headaches, and helps to prevent temporomandibular joint issues.

For people who play sports and risk trauma to their teeth, a custom-made sports guard can protect their teeth. Sports guards are intended to protect your teeth from damage and injury while participating in sports. While they’re most commonly worn in fast-paced and high-collision sports such as football and hockey, they can protect the teeth of athletes in almost any sport that potentially exposes teeth to torque and pressure.

Sports mouth guards and night mouth guards are both essential pieces of equipment. Both perform essential functions, and your dentist at Benipal Dentals can provide the perfect customized guard to provide the protection you need. Don’t confuse them, though. Calling them both guards does not make them the same. Talk to a dentist about exactly the protection you want so they can provide you with that guard you need.

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