For a Healthy Body and Mind, it is very important that we keep our teeth clean, what we eat and the health of our teeth defines the health of our complete body. Plus it is now inevitable to have clean and white teeth to be able to flaunt a laugh in front of anybody. People judge our hygiene level by the color of our teeth.

Professional cleaning includes removing plaque which is a soft sticky, bacteria-infested film, and tartar which develops on the teeth. It also includes the removal of stains from the tooth surface.

A certain kind of paste is used for tooth polishing. Prophylactic paste that contains abrasives of all shapes and sizes is used. It comes in different flavors and variants. Some cater to teeth sensitivity while doing the primary function of polishing, whereas some cater to strength in teeth enamel, and so on.

Today, many professionals believe that tooth polishing should only be selective. That means polishing should only be done on the parts where the extrinsic stains are present. Full-mouth teeth polishing is deemed not necessary, but it is still practiced. However, selective polishing is recommended by many medical education institutions.

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