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One of the most common question we’re often asked is “How to get rid of Bad Breath”?

It’s easy to keep your mouth healthy and fresh. Benipal Dental in Brampton is going to share some tips with you regarding the most common problem of bad breath.

  • Learn the right technique for brushing and flossing from a dental professional
  • Do not skip night brushing and flossing. It allows the longest period for clean teeth without bad breath causing bacteria even under low salivary flow at night
  • Try to brush after every meal (especially after breakfast and dinner)
  • Brush tongue using a tongue scraper. Tongue harbors a lot of bad breath causing bacteria
  • Use of alcohol free mouth wash
  • Keep your mouth hydrated
  • Chewing sugar free gum
  • Healthy diet
  • Rinse after Smoking and coffee
  • Professional teeth cleaning every 4 months (minimum twice a year)
  • Regular dental checkup to prevent cavities and gum disease which are two main reasins for causing bad breath
  • Get tonsils and oral cancer screening regularly

There are many underlying causes for bad breath. Visit us at Benipal Dental Brampton. We offer free oral cancer screening test. We also offer the latest in treatment options. For comfortable and best dental visit experience, call us today at 905-499-0404

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